European Society for Neurogastroenterology and Motility.

Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee has presently the following members. Each one serves a term of six years as shown between brackets.

Akkermans Louis M.A.F. (The Netherlands)
Azpiroz Fernando (Spain)
Delvaux Michel (France)

Herman R.M. (Poland)
Jimenez Marcel (Spain)

Magnus Simren (Sweden)
Peeters Theo L. (Belgium)
Schemann Michael (Germany)
Spiller Robin (U.K.)
Stanghellini Vincenzo (Italy)

Former members are given below.

The addresses of the members of the European Steering Committee can be found in the directory.


Maastricht 1998

Bologna 2000

Tübingen 2002

Cambridge 2004


Text in preparation.

Former members of the Steering Committee

Former members of the Steering Committee are listed below in alphabetical order. The founding members are indicated in this list.


J.Fioramonti (France) (1996-2002)
E.Husebye (Norway) (1996-2002)
F.Baldi (Italy) (1992-2000)
J. Janssens (Belgium) (1992-1998)
P.J. Thor (Poland) (1992-1998)
G.Vantrappen (Belgium) Founding Member, Secretary till 1998.
D.G. Thompson (U.K.) (1992-1998)

list is incomplete and is being updated

A.L. Blum (Switzerland) Founding Member
M. Bortolotti (Italy) Founding Member
S. Gustavsson (Sweden) Founding Member
S. Konturek (Poland) Founding Member
C.  Roman (France) Founding Member
M. Wienbeck (Germany) Founding Member
D.L. Wingate (U.K.) Founding Member

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