Full Time Post Doc Position
Dr. Khalil N. Bitar, Lab
A post doctoral position is immediately available for an aggressive individual to focus on bioengineering of smooth muscle.  The ultimate goal is to develop a bioengineered functional gut in vitro that will simulate physiological motility patterns observed in vivo.  The work will be conducted in conjunction with the Department of Biomedical Engineering (Takayama lab: www.bme.umich.edu/labs/takayama/index.html) with the focus to move the research to the translational stage, i.e. implantation of these bio-engineered tissues while maintaining functionality.
The person will develop a bioreactor platform with microengineered substrates as well as controlled perfusion and other physiologic stimuli to maintain function. We envisage, for example, a need to simulate neural function, by using electrical stimulation (microchips etc), and to develop bio-reactors in order to simulate wear and tear and study the effect of stretch and aging on motor function.



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