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Abstract deadline: April 30st 2004


Preliminary Programme

Wednesday 15th  :Postgraduate teaching day

This will cover established and evolving assessments of esophageal, gastric and intestinal function,  visceral sensitivity and brain responses.  Basic science techniques including electro-physiology, imaging of gut movements and neural activation will be covered in the afternoon.  Finally there will be a session on GI pharmacology covering cytokines, capsaicin and tachykinins.


Thursday 16th - Saturday 18th midday :Main meeting

This will include symposia, oral free papers and poster rounds.  The symposia will be designed to move from basic science to clinical practice and will include sessions on stress and the gut, appetite and obesity, serotonin and inflammation, and inflammation and GI motility.  There will also be state of the art lectures and prize presentations.


Meeting Venue.

Robinson College, Cambridge, UK 


Contact conference organizers:

Confrex, PO Box 21, Rottingdean, East Sussex  BN2 8WZ

Tel: +44(0)1273 302200,

Fax: +44(0)1273 302334

E-Mail: confrex@easynet.co.uk



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